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Default Animated Storyboards ѺѤ Freelance Artist µ˹ ǹ !!!!

We are looking for 8 position of Freelance Artist >>>


Silver Spoon is a new type of production and animation company, one that aims to be a partner to the production community by providing additional resources in the areas of 3D modeling and animation as well as visual fx. We pride ourselves on our commitment to delivering high-end work at the best value and speed possible. While we regard our the talents of our individual artists and employees with great importance, our company culture is all about the combined efforts of our awesome teams around the world.

All roles require personnel:
Work to project requirements and delivery deadlines
Skilled in written and verbal communication
A creative problem solver, have good attention to detail, and a persistent drive to improve and learn new skill
Able to work well under pressure whilst maintaining high quality results
Demo Reel/Portfolio
Samples must demonstrate your ability with relevance to the position listed. For example, if you are applying for a modeling position, your reel must clearly show your modeling ability and experience.


Responsible for a range of tasks: concepting, style framing (storyboarding) and design and animation.
Responsible for providing digital sketches, paintings, illustrations, or visual depiction that demonstrates the art directors vision
Create color boards, mood boards and scene tones that capture the feel of the environment and/or characters

Experience & Qualifications:
Extensive experience in After Effects, Cinema4D or other 3D software (must be demonstrated in your portfolio or reel)
Strong Photoshop and Illustrator skills essential
Strong typography, image & color ability


Works as part of the Look Development team that defines all the technical aspects needed to create the appearance of a 3D element.
Creating or modify existing shader parameters, painting, and applying texture maps, or developing other custom software to accomplish the art direction goals of character or environment.
Work with creative directors to create final looks and materials for 3D characters and environments to be used in production.

Experience & Qualifications:
5+ years production experience in Features, TV, or high-end commercials
Strong, expert user knowledge of Renderman
Experience rendering large datasets and experience manipulating ribs
Experience with Plug-in Ri Filters a plus.
Strong problem solving ability and proven good creative eye.
Ability to write and apply shaders a plus
Programming experience (RSL, MEL, Python, C++ a plus) a plus

CG GENERALIST (3ds Max and/or Maya) >>>

Proven ability in multiple CG techniques, such as animating, modeling, tracking, texturing, shading, lighting, look development, and compositing.
Work with Creative Director to determine what elements and or other 3D tasks might be required for a particular shot.
Maintain clear communication with animation director to ensure timeliness in meeting milestones and quality assurance every step of the way.

Experience & Qualifications:
At least 5 years relevant experience in feature film, television or high-end commercials.
Fluent in Maya or 3Ds Max, Photoshop & After Effects.
Knowledge of After Effects essential; Nuke is a plus.
Solid knowledge and skills in modeling, texturing, rigging, animation, lighting, rendering and compositing.
Ability to translate 2D designs into 3D assets.
Strong understanding of anatomy, weight, and conveying action and emotion through dynamic posing.
Strong understanding of composition, colour theory, layout and design.
Working knowledge of Particle Flow, Thinking Particles, Rayfire, Frost, and Krakatoa a strong plus

CG LIGHTING (3ds Max and/or Maya) >>>

Lighting look development for integration of CG elements into Live Action
Lighting look development for full CG shots

Experience & Qualifications:
At least 5 years relevant experience in feature film, television or high-end commercials.
Artist must be proficient in Maya or Max, as well as all modern lighting and rendering techniques
Knowledge of Arnold, V-ray or equivalent renderer is necessary; thorough understanding of Mental Ray (or equivalent renderer)
Understanding multi pass 3D compositing is required
Lighting and compositing of CG assets
Shading and surfacing of CG Assets
Working with the Lead Lighter to contribute to look development of the
CG assets
Must have a good eye and a thorough understanding of light, color, contrast, shading, and lighting design.
Knowledge of Python (and/or Mel) is considered a big plus.


Realistic creature and character animation
Ensuring animation meets production deadlines
Works under the Head of CG to create realistic creature and character animation

Experience & Qualifications:
5+ years experience working as a 3D animator in feature film, television or high-end commercials.
Proficiency animating in Maya and/or Max from reference, with the ability to take animation to final.


Polygonal modeling of creatures, props and environments from photo reference
Optimization of UVs for maximum efficiency
Developing multilayered photo-real textures for use in multipass rendering.
Create key character models, including facial expressions, and ensure the meshes adhere to modeling pipeline with correct topology and edgeflow for rigging
Create Key Location and Prop assets which are optimized and economical
Create character concept sculpts in Z-brush or Mudbox to aid look development of assets when required.

At least 5 years relevant experience in feature film, television or high-end commercials.
Understanding of pipeline based productions and multi-pass rendering methods
Full understanding of technical character modeling to aid rigging (Good topology, Edgeflow and anatomical proportions), creating efficient location and prop models for a shot pipeline (subdivision, instancing, etc)
Must have an excellent working knowledge of Maya or Max.


Work with animation and modeling departments to ensure accurate rotoscoping

2+ years of experience rotoscoping OR wire, rig, tracker removal
Expert knowledge of After Effects, Silhouette or Mocha required.


Work with animation and modeling departments to ensure accurate camera track
Problem solve and predict potential problems related to scene setup and continuity
Accurately reconstruct 3D geometry based on photographs

2+ years of experience in 3D camera tracking, reproducing geometry of objects in live action shots for feature film, television or high-end commercials.
Mastery of core 3D principles rotation, translation, scale, gimbal lock
Thorough understanding of 3D camera principles such as lenses, distortion, parallax.
Artist must be skilled Maya or Max, and proficient in one or more camera tracking packages (Sytheyes, PFTrack, etc)
Knowledge of Synthes/Boujou/PF Track, Max OR Maya is required

>>>Please send your resume and portfolio at<<<

Animated Storyboards (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

: 989 Ҥ 25 . 1 ǧѹ ࢵѹ .ا෾ 10330
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