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Default Undefined shape มันคืออะไรครับ

** Undefined shape 86
** Undefined shape 73
** Undefined shape 76
** Undefined shape 69
** Undefined shape 69
** Undefined shape 82
** Undefined shape 32
** Undefined shape 32
** Undefined shape 32
** Undefined shape 32
** Undefined shape 32
** Undefined shape 32
** Undefined shape 32
** Undefined shape 32

Undefined shape มันคืออะไรครับ มันคือ font ไม่ตรงรึปล่าว
มันทำให้ edit text ในแบบไม่ได้ มีวิธีแก้ยังไงครับ ผมแก้ตามนี้
ปรากฏว่า text ในแบบหายหมดเลยตัวที่ Undefined shape


After restoring a missing SHX font to the support search path, you want to reinitialize a drawing so that text objects in the drawing display with the correct font.

While working on a drawing, you might notice that some text objects display in an alternate font or in a substitute font that is listed in the font mapping support file. After you restore the missing SHX font to the Fonts folder, closing and reopening the drawing still does not update the text objects to the correct font.


You can exit and restart AutoCAD 2000 to correct this problem, but if you have multiple documents open, you might not want to do this. Following is another method to resolve the problem:

Place the SHX font file in the appropriate folder. This could be the Fonts folder in the AutoCAD 2000 directory structure, or another folder that is listed in the AutoCAD Support Search Path on File tab under the Options command.

Switch back to AutoCAD, and enter FONTALT at the command prompt.

Type the name of the current alternate font, supply a different alternate font, or enter . (a period) for no alternate font.

Enter REGEN on the command line. The text will update to the correct font.
Note: Be sure to set the FONTALT variable back to its original desired value if you change it in step 3 above.

This problem does not exist for True Type Fonts (TTF files).
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