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ห้องปั้น 201 (Rhino,CATIA,CAD/CAM,BIM, and Parametric Program) ข่าว สาระน่ารู้ ถามตอบ ปัญหา Rhino, CATIA, CAD/CAM,BIM, and Parametric Program

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Default อบรม Inventor 2018 Advanced Part Modeling โทร. 0860853465

อบรม Inventor 2018 Advanced Part Modeling โทร. 0860853465

ศูนย์อบรม ปากน้ำ สมุทรปราการ
เวลาเรียน 9.30-16.00 น.


1. 2D Sketched Features
Using Open Profiles to Create Part Features
Creating a Rib Parallel to Sketch Plane
Creating a Rib Normal to Sketch Plane
Creating a Rib with a Boss and Draft
Using the Emboss Features
Understanding Geometry Text
Converting Sketch Text to Geometry
Creating a Basic Sweep Feature
Creating a Sweep Using a Guide Rail
Creating a Sweep Using a Guide Surface
Adding Twist to Swept Features
Lofting Sections
Lofting Centerline and Twist
Lofting Area and Face

2. 3D Sketching and Sketch Features
Projecting a 3D Sketch
Sketching in 3D
Using Sketch Alignment Tools
Constraining 3D Sketches
Using Snap Intersection
Adding 3D Sketch Bends
Drawing Curves Directly on a Face
Using Precision Input Toolbar
Mirroring 3D Sketches
Copying 3D Sketches
Using 3D Transform with 3D Sketches
Sketching a 3D Helical Coil
Creating Coil Features

3. Duplicating Features
Copying Features
Mirroring Features
Mirroring Solid Bodies
Creating Rectangular Patterns on Linear Paths
Creating Rectangular Patterns on Non-Linear Paths
Creating Rectangular Patterns of Solid Bodies
Creating Circular Feature Patterns
Creating Circular Solid Body Patterns
Controlling Circular Pattern Orientation
Creating Sketch Driven Patterns

4. Controlling Features
Suppressing Features
Reordering Features
Configuring AutoLimits
Creating AutoLimits
Verifying and Editing AutoLimits
Editing Parts with Grips

5. Deriving
Creating a Derived Part
Editing a Derived Part
Creating a Derived Assembly
Editing a Derived Assembly
Deriving Inserts

6. Decaling and View Representations
Decaling a Part
Understanding Decal Part Files
Decaling an Assembly
Working with Part Template View Representations
Working with Part View Representations

7. Cross-Part Reference
Using the Browser Cross-Part Reference Tools
Using the Browser to Manage Cross-Part References
Using Cross-Part Reference to Open Files

8. 3D Annotations and Model-Based Definitions
Introducing MBD and 3D Annotations
Navigating the Interface
Setting the Standard
Creating General Dimensions
Creating Hole/Thread Notes
Creating Surface Texture Annotations
Creating Leaders
Creating Tolerance Features
Using DRF
Using Tolerance Advisor
Creating General Notes
Creating Profile Notes
Managing Annotations in Design Views
Using Model Annotations in Drawings
Exporting to 3D PDF
Exporting to Other CAD Formats
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